The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is the largest, oldest and most prestigious international moot competition in the world, with participants from approximately 700 law schools in 100 countries. The competition is organized by ILSA Headquarters in Washington DC.

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition takes place in the form of a simulation of a fictional dispute between states before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations. The participating teams prepare oral and written pleadings arguing both the applicant and respondent positions of the case.

In Istanbul University, the organization of the Jessup Competition is handled by ILSA Istanbul, with the help of responsible academicians.


Derin Ege Edebali
Member of Jessup İstanbul

The problem solver of the Team, Derin Ege Edebali (20) has an eye for international law and politics. He is a law student in his junior year and can be considered as the whiz kid of the Istanbul Jessup Team. With his sharp mind and assertive character, he was involved in numerous Model United Nations conferences organized by prestigious institutions and represented different countries as their delegates, having been awarded for his outstanding performance in most of them. During his first few years studying law, he took part in a number of esteemed organizations including International Law Students Associations (ILSA) and European Law Students Association (ELSA) where he demonstrated his inherent organizational skills. He is also interested in computer game design and programming languages, which allow his creativity to run free and display his refined attributes, making him special before the eyes of his team members. Thanks to his critical legal thinking skills, Istanbul Jessup Team will always be one step ahead of what is expected.

Ayşe Ezgi Öner
Member of Jessup İstanbul

Ayşe Ezgi Öner (23) is a senior law student, and is completing her second university degree in International Relations and Politics. Ezgi is a born leader. Starting with founding a law association in her high school, she has taken leadership positions in various organizations, as well as founding one herself. She is very passionate about helping others and has a particular interest for human rights, having taken several courses on the subject and organising conferences during her position as the Head of the Human Rights Committee in the International Law Students Association in Istanbul. She is well versed in legal research and has the experience of working as a researcher specialized in human rights. After seeing the Peace Palace, she was certain that destiny would lead her back there. Having experienced Jessup in the 2019 Competition, she is here to take on the challenge once again, bringing her valuable skills and knowledge to lead the team to success.

Başak Köksal
Member of Jessup İstanbul

In every few hundred students, there is always one that has a special love and appreciation for the law. Başak Köksal (23) is one of those rare students, currently in her senior year, eager to contribute to different fields of law with her writings. Her love for travel and different cultures goes hand in hand with her heart that beats for international law. Başak, with her immense interest in international law, both public and private, became an esteemed member of organizations such as Istanbul Center of International Law and International Law Students Association. She has been educated in various topics such as mediation, arbitration, environmental law, law of the sea and other fields of international law by experts of their fields during her first few years of law school. Her extracurricular education, as well as her own research and writings built a vast knowledge and practical skill on international law, which put her miles ahead of her peers. These attributes will contribute to our team immensely in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition in 2022.

Miraç Mert Karakaş
Member of Jessup İstanbul

An aspiring arbitrator, Miraç Mert Karakaş (22) is the devil’s advocate every team dreams of. He works like a bee and his various international experiences are a testament of his hard working attitude. He has been to the Summer School at George Mason University along with The Hague Academy and completed an internship on civic identification and inclusion at The Washington Centre as well as other internships on dispute resolution. He is also a volunteer of Amnesty Turkey and TEMA Foundation. His sensitivity towards the current affairs of the world led him to participate in promoting the integration of Syrian children into Turkish education system, a project of the EU Delegation of Turkey. He is an active member of his community at Istanbul University as he takes part in International Law Students Association, the Debate Club, and MUN. Aside from his passion for international law, Mert has an eclectic personality as he is a scuba diver, a US History enthusiast, a theatre buff, and a dear friend to keep around. Istanbul University Jessup Team is fortunate to have such a strong personality.

Deniz Onuk
Member of Jessup İstanbul

Don’t be fooled by her young age, Deniz Onuk (20) has already been there, done that. She shines in every community she enters with her passion for new experiences, culture and academics. Throughout her high school years, she was the founder of Eastern Culture Club, took part in various MUN conferences, did fencing and volunteered. Deniz, a Japanese enthusiast, participated in a summer exchange program in Fukuoka, Japan. She is fluent in English, Japanese, French and Korean. She holds medals in fencing both national and international tournaments, she is an excellent piano player, theater lover, a math genius. Despite, having been recently introduced to the concept of International Law due to her young age, she is an adamant learner, one of a kind researcher and with her vivacious smile every team’s dream member. As an invaluable asset to the Istanbul Jessup Team, she is the flag bearer of next generations of Jessup at Istanbul University. Watch out for her! P.S. Also don’t forget to check out her weekly corner where she writes about her trips at Posta Newspaper.